How it Works

1 Create an Account

Your Gift Card Fundraiser (GCF) Account Manager will create an account for your organization including details of your fundraising program.

2 Start-Up Kit

A personalized Start-Up Kit will be delivered to your organization's main contact for the Gift Card Fundraiser.

3 Launch Fundraiser

Launch your fundraising program by implementing your marketing plan and inviting supporters to donate.

4 Collection

Your organization will begin collecting gift cards with a balance over $5 from your donor base. Once collected, you will send them to the Gift Card Raiser Processing Center.

5 Payment

Payment will be made to your organization as agreed upon. GCF covers all credit card and shipping costs incurred on the gift cards sold.

6 Conversion

Once your gift cards are received, we will process your order and list your gift cards for liquidation on our distribution channel.

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