Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gift Card Raiser?

Gift Card Raiser is a new, innovative fundraising program that allows nonprofits to collect gift cards and merchandise credits from their donor base. Gift Card Raiser will turn these gift cards and merchandise credits into cash donations for the nonprofit organization. Our program benefits nonprofits in the following ways:

  1. We give nonprofits the opportunity to access and untapped donation steam valued in the billions.
  2. We provide nonprofits a turn-key solution for increasing donations, especially during the first quarter when donations are at their lowest.

I am new to Gift Card Raiser, how does this work?

Registering your organization and starting your own Gift Card Donation Program could not be any easier! Simply go to the “Enroll Your Group” page and fill out the provided form with your organization name and contact information. Once submitted, an Account Manager will be in contact with you in two-business days. For a step-by-step list on how the complete process works, please access our “How It Works” page.

How much work does this involve?

Our Gift Card Donation Program requires a minimal amount of leg work from the nonprofit organization. We know that nonprofits always have a lot going on, so we've created an easy and effective turn-key solution for increasing your donations.

How do we get the word out to our donor base?

Gift Card Raiser will provide your nonprofit organization with various marketing materials for getting the word out to your donor base. The success of your Gift Card Donation Program is strongly based upon how many donors participate. We will provide you with fliers, brochures, graphics, and fundraising ideas for getting the most out of your Gift Card Donation Program.

How much does this program cost?

Our Gift Card Donation Program is 100% FREE. There is no cost to the nonprofit organization for running a Gift Card Donation Program. Gift Card Raiser will retain a fee from the proceeds of cards sold to cover shipping, processing, and credit card fees incurred during the process.

How does my organization receive its earnings?

Payment will be disbursed to the nonprofit organization for cards sold the previous month on the 30th of each month. All payments will be made by check and sent to the nonprofit organization via USPS Priority Mail.

How do I know if our gift cards have sold?

Your nonprofit organization will have access to all submitted gift card information, donor contact information, and current total donation earnings on your personal Gift Card Raiser Account Page.

What is a merchandise or store credit?

A merchandise or store credit is a card (similar to a gift card), that is issued by retailers when someone returns merchandise to a store. The amount of the return is credited to this card and can be used the store and/or online to purchase items for up to the value on the card.

Do you accept merchandise or store credits?

Yes, Gift Card Raiser will accept merchandise or store credits as long as they are on our list of accepted merchants.

What if my gift card is not a merchant you accept?

If a submitted gift card(s) is not on our list of over 450 accepted merchants, Gift Card Raiser will send the gift card(s) back to the nonprofit organization via USPS with tracking within 30 days.

Is there a minimum amount a gift card must meet to be accepted?

All submitted gift cards must have a face value of $5 USD or more. If any submitted gift cards do not meet this minimum, we will send the gift card(s) back to the nonprofit organization via USPS with tracking within 30 days.

Do you accept paper or electronic gift cards?

Yes, we do accept paper, electronic and physical gift cards.

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