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About Gift Card Raiser

Gift Card Raiser, LLC provides a platform for non-profits, schools, churches, sports clubs and other organizations to raise money by accepting gift card donations from the public. We then turn those gift card donations into cash for the organization. Our pioneering service is helping nonprofits across the country tap into the more than $44 billion in unused gift cards floating around in purses, pocket books, sock drawers and more. Our turn-key solution supports organizations of all sizes and can be launched right away at no cost to the organization. In addition, a Gift Card Raiser campaign helps your organization reach a new donor stream that would otherwise not donate to your cause due to lack of funds. Since people get gift cards as gifts, they are more likely to donate an unwanted gift card to their favorite charity than write a check for the same amount.

Launch a gift card raiser campaign today and start accepting gift card donations now.

Why Work with Us?

This is a great opportunity to raise a significant amount using through this new fundraising channel. More than 80% of consumers purchased or received a gift card during the last holiday season and a total of $124 billion was loaded onto gift cards in 2014. By running a Gift Card Raiser campaign, you can take advantage of this new and untapped donation stream to raise funds to support your cause. In addition, a Gift Card Raiser fundraiser is a great way to make up for the slowdown in traditional fundraising efforts that happen during the first quarter of each year.

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